Photo Caption Contest #3

The two below photos are an example of the fun and humor that was had at the October ’09 Reunion and is indicative of photos on the DVD that is for sale, as noted at the bottom of this article.

Please send us your good willed humorous captions via the Website Contact icon at the top of the page.

These are random photos taken at the Oct. 2009 Reunion. Reunion DVD ordering information is noted below.

Sample Image

Photo #5Carl Chambers ’62 (9-8-10): "Hee,,Hee,,How's he going to eat all that food with just that little ole tooth pick,,!!"

Kay (Harlow) Ochoa ’66 (8-31-10):  “I am NOT lying! It most certainly IS Oprah Winfrey!”

Michael Kyle ’67 (8-31-10): "Better hurry with that food, they ran out at the table and all those people got their eyes on your plate...”
Photo #6

Sample Image

Kay (Harlow) Ochoa ’66 (8-31-10): “Yeah, you're cute honey, but I wore the rhinestones!”

Michael Kyle ’67 (8-31-10): “Hey, no goosing.”

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