1952 Christmas


Stewart “Luke” Billingsley, Class of 1965 sent in an interesting photo of a Christmas he enjoyed with family and friends.

Male alumni will certainly remember the name of the male seated who is Mr. Philpot who owned a Barber Shop down on Main Street eons ago.



L-R: Mr. and Mrs. Philpot, Luke holding the crocket mallet and Mrs. Billingsley seated on the floor handing out gifts.

Does anyone recall what name Philpot called his barber shop? To comment you must register and then log in.


Submitted by H K Hank Woodward on

Mr. Dyer and Mr. Taylor were popular barbers of the 50's era, also. I recall that Mr. Philpot had a seat that was pivotally attached to the barber chair so he could sit while cutting hair. Good memories!

Submitted by chris on

I had Mr Dyer while I was "little", during the '40s, and then it was Mr Philpott for some reason.  Thanks for reminding me about his rotating stool...I think that Kenneth Petty was a barber though I'd left Del Rio by that time.

Submitted by H K Hank Woodward on

During the 50's, the St. Charles Barber Shop was next to Effie Kelly's news-stand and near Hill's Pills pharmacy on Main Street. The old St. Charles Hotel was across Main Street from the barber shop but burned down in the late 40's or early 50's. Evidently, the barber shop was moved to its later location after the fire.