Historical Marker

Below is a picture of the Historical Marker(s) that Ernestine (Foster) Ricks ’60 was instrumental in getting placed at our Old Del Rio High.

 Historical Marker                                     Small Marker

Marker Verbiage

Founded in 1868 on the edge of the Chihuahuan desert and just three miles from the Rio Grande, Del Rio began as an agricultural community. Early residents had access to intermittent schooling opportunities for their children, in the 1870's. The community used an adobe structure as a schoolhouse whenever a teacher was available. During the 1880's, children attended classes in a two room, wood frame building at Pecan and Greenwood Streets. That decade brought significant changes to the community. As the Del Rio Common School District organized in 1884 and Val Verde County began the following year with Del Rio as the seat of government in 1890, residents voted to create an Independent School District, which included much of the present-day Del Rio except for the San Felipe neighborhood, which create its own district.

Following the creation of the Del Rio District, trustees approved a new school building at this site, called Del Rio High School, or secondary school, it housed classes through the tenth grade. By 1906, the district had divided into three campuses, the High School, Hill School (Northsde Elementary) and an African American School. Ongoing construction projects expanded to meet the growing number of students. The district added an eleventh grade in 1910 and a twelfth grade level following construction of this school, building in 1930. Built by Phil Garoni, the new structure served until 1968, when the district built a larger High School on the North side. The District continues to use the 1930 structure for school programs today. The campus of the old Del Rio High School serves as an important reminder of early educational efforts in the city. 2005