A Rainbow for Texas, a new book by Walt Elliott (1960)

A Rainbow for Texas

by Walt Elliott

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As he sat in his favorite leather chair, a glass of his favorite scotch in hand, Tom Springer reflected on the two recent murders on his ranch and wondered if they marked the end of the nightmare.   He thought about his old friend Jose and the drug deal that apparently went bad in Hawai’i along the Na Pali Coast of Kaua’i.   He recalled how he had been drawn into Jose’s activities when Jose introduced him to Ann at the Castroville airport weeks earlier.  Meeting Ann and falling in love all over again was the only good thing to come of his recent adventure.   Others did not fare as well.   Jose’s amateurish drug operation resulted in the breakup of a Mexican money-laundering operation in Texas, and the exposure of corruption on a large scale in Hawai’i.   It also ended the career of a major crime boss in Dallas and exposed a weakness within the FBI with the death of one of its corrupt agents.

Walt Elliott was born in Brooklyn, NY, but moved to Texas in 1958.   He is a graduate of Del Rio High School (1960) and UT at Austin.   He fell in love with Hawai’i when he first visited there in the early 1980s.    Walt’s wife, Sarah Elliott (nee Weatherman), is also a graduate of Del Rio High School (1962).