Wildcatter Newsletter - June 2007


Del Rio High School Wildcat Alumni

June 2007

WEBSITE UPDATE  In our first newsletter, we (see next page) told you about the website for all Old Del Rio High School Alumni.  The DR Alumni web site is owned and maintained by Wildcat Alumni.  As of May 30th the site was up but only viewable by the five originators for the purpose of adding content.  So, technically, we're up, functional, but not fully accessible.  Once we’ve ironed out the details and are given the go-ahead by site developer, Angela Martinez, the site will be open for all to access and enjoy.  Until then, we will continue to send you the monthly Wildcatter.

http://www.delrioalumni.org                                                                         under development

Domain Name:                                                                                            DELRIOALUMNI.ORG

Created On:                                                                                        23-May-2007 20:49:10UTC/

Registrant Organization:                                                                      Del Rio High School Alumni

Administrative Organization:                                                                 Del Rio High School Alumni


Financial Report

Total Contributions to Date:                                             $1,275.00

Detailed Expenses to Date:

Build DR website, install CMS Components       $500.00

DR web hosting Fatcow.com one year                $99.00DR Alumni.org domain name-one year               $20.00Joomla Component and Housing-one year           $12.95Gallery2 Component and Hosting- one year         $12.95Total Expenses to Date:                                                              $644.90Bank Balance as June 8:                                                            $630.10

Funding  The great part about creating a fun, interactive website for the alumni of the Del Rio Wildcats is the coming together of commitment and smarts. Commitment is the easy part.  The smarts is what we pay for – in the form of website creator extraordinaire Angela Martinez.  When you look at our budget, you’ll see that our costs are low, mainly because Angela, who works from home, manages her costs efficiently and passes those savings on to us.  However, we still need your help to maintain a viable budget to fund costs as they arise in the future.  No amount is too small (or too large).  If you wish to make a contribution to the website, make your check payable to “DR Wildcat Website” and mail it to:Del Rio High School Alumni (c/o Robert Brockwell)11785 W. Lakeshore Dr.Conroe, TX 77303

Thank You!  Many thanks to those of you who have made contributions to the website fund. 

Doug Newton, 1955

TJ Jarrett, 1955                                       Charlie Lay, 1942Terry LaCrosse, 1957                                   Fred Vitela, 1955                                 Chris Grimmer, 1958Brad Bradley, 1966                                    Wayne Street, 1957                                   Bob Lindley, 1958Gerald Hill, 1959                                      Kenneth Grimes, 1951                            Robert Fawcett, 1956

Linda (Tanksley) Roesler, 1965                                                              Linda (Ledbetter) Wisian, 1965


The Class of 1967:  A reunion of the class of 1967 will be held Oct. 5, 6 & 7, 2007.  For additional details, contact Mike Kyle at <[email protected]>.  More details will be forthcoming.  The classes of 1966 through 1968 are also invited to attend.


The Class of 1954:  A reunion of the class of 1954 will be held in Del Rio, Oct. 12-13.  Details will follow.



Newsletter  We’ve received a tremendous response to our first edition of the Wildcatter.  Please pass on this second edition to your own mailing list.  Those classmates who wish to receive this newsletter and updates on the progress of our website or who wish to place notices or items of interest in the newsletter (and eventually on the website), should respond to one of the members of our committee (see below).


Mailing List  We currently have a master mailing list of over 2,000 names.  Unfortunately, in some cases, a name is all we have.  Help us update our mailing and email list, which is often requested by reunion committees.  If you have a mailing list for your class or just a group of old classmates, pass it on to us.  Remember that emails are cheaper than stamps!  If you have an email, please share it with us along with your street address and other information.


Deceased List  A sad fact of life is we all move on and leave family and good friends behind.  Help us maintain our list of deceased classmates.  If you have confirmed knowledge of the passing of a classmate, please share the information with us (with the family’s permission).  It’s important that we remove these individuals from the mailing list and pay our respects to them in a separate listing.  To ensure that a living classmate doesn’t see their name on this list, please make sure your information is correct.


Obituary  It is with great sadness that we inform you that Dava (West) Cloudt, class of 1967 passed away on June 12 while on vacation in Seattle, WA.  Dava was active in the last DRHS Old School reunion, was a popular and outgoing classmate, and will be missed by many people.


Committee Recap  You may have missed our first newsletter in which we introduced ourselves and explained our roles in this endeavor.  Our committee is composed of the following individuals:

Robert Brockwell, Class of 1954,Treasurer[email protected]

Glenda (Pope) Brown, Class of 1966, Editor,[email protected] (temporary)

Trisha Runyon, Class of 1967,Site Manager,[email protected]

Brad Bradley, Class of 1966, Advisor,[email protected]


We welcome your input!

If you wish to make a contribution to the website, send your check (payable to “DR Wildcat Website” ) to:

Del Rio High School Alumni

11785 W. Lakeshore Dr.Conroe, TX 77303