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70th Birthday party for Wildcat girls!!

Here are the names of the girls in the 70th Birthday picture.....
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Walter Block Books

Walter Block, class of 1945, has written a book called Chip Tales.  Published in 2008, it was begun as a series of reminiscences emailed to his grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and ot
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1940’s Teachers Remembered

Submitted by: Lawrence Seeger, Class of 1945
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Ronnie Ricks Little League Hall of Excellence

Ronnie, a member of the 1962 Del Rio Little League All Star Team was recently inducted into the Little League Hall of Excellence on August 18, 2012, at Howard J. Lamade Stadium.
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Call to Glory Del Rio TV Series

Not everyone may know about or remember the Call to Glory made-for-TV movie and TV series (lasted one season). The series was broadcast in 1984 with Craig T. Nelson playing a USAF U-2 pilot at Laughlin AFB. The storyline covers periods of American history relating to 1961-1963 news events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War while Kennedy was President. Laughlin AFB is prominently in the pilot movie (Episode 1) and Episode 2. Since we were living on base from 1959-1961, I recognize some of the film locations.
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Uncle Archie!

Archie Glaze, Class of 1955
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