Another Picture of the Class of 1957 as grade-schoolers.

This is another picture of classes at, I believe, DRHS auditorium. It is the Class of 1957 as grade-schoolers (Maybe 2nd Grade), combined, I think. Will need help on this one also for the captions. Thanks ahead of time for your help.



Mrs Crosby,_________,_________,_________,Tooter Malone,_________,

Jeanne Tabor_________,_________,_________,_________,Jimmy Smith,_________.

2nd ROW:

Shirley McNutt,_________,_________,Peggy Ridley,_________,_________,


3rd ROW:Joanne Blackmon,_________,Wayne Street,Jerry Richter,Jimmy Taylor,Billy Hugh Hayes,James Connolly,

_________,Leon Humphreys,Tommy Mayfield,_________.

BOTTOM ROW:Charles Hutchinson,_________,_________,Ted Luce,Pete Latham,

Hank Moody,__________,Gordon McGonagill,Jay Vineyard.