Villa Acuna Zombies

No not the ‘Zombie’ characters seen in movies, but rather the drink concoction that contains a little bit of every whiskey, rum, gin and vodka available, along with some kind of sweetener that makes it taste good…..well really good the first time you indulge.

A Zombie, can and will turn you into a Zombie, or at the very least make you feel bullet proof, in that you can do no wrong!

The Shangri-La, in Villa Acuna was the perfect place for three alumni to get acquainted with the Zombie drink, when Warren “Wally” Wallace ’63, told Carl Crawford ’65 and Wayne Rountree ’63 “Let’s have a real man’s drink!”

After ‘a few rounds of Zombie’s’ we returned to Del Rio in a joyous festive attitude…and I might add “daring attitude”

Among many things a Zombie can and will make you think you are invisible! We soon discovered that we were not invisible!

It was such a nice warm night we decided to go swimming, so we parked on the backside of Moore Park, the other side of San Felipe Creek. We started stripping clothes before we crossed San Felipe Creek. I was the first of our nudist group in Moore Park pool…oh it felt so good!…and no one else was around, except us, or so we thought.

Apparently our nudist loud fun drew attention to others. After I dove into the water and came up on the West side of the pool a Policeman was shinning his flashlight in my eyes (so much for being invisible)!

I went under water, came up on the East side and ran towards the creek yelling, “The cops are here!” Carl and I jumped in San Felipe Creek and hid behind the bank. Two naked teen-age boys huddling together…a sight that could of made the Tabloids! Poor Wally was drunk and blind – he had left his glasses and his clothes in the car! Wally was running in different directions, not knowing where to go. We hollered at Wally to run towards the sound of our voices, which he eventually did.

Today we are almost certain that the Policeman that discovered us was probably laughing so hard he got stomach crams and is the reason he didn’t follow us on foot, but at the time all we wanted to do was run and get away!

We reached Carl’s 1963 Chevy Impala, which had a newly installed 409 with a 3 speed and man would it run, and it needed to!…the Police were looking for us…probably for more laughs and the thought of hauling in three nude boys!

Although we eventually escaped, we took out a couple of fences and blew second gear doing it!

Wayne Rountree, Class of 1963

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