Oct. '09 Reunion Financial

When reviewing the below financial related to the most recent Wildcat Reunion, please take note of the fact that it is a capital intensive financially high risk venture….more especially when it is started with -0- cash reserve!!

But as in the past – Glenda (Pope) Brown, Class of ’66 (the founder and originator of “all class reunions”) has always felt that Alumni attendance would be forthcoming and in a manner that would cover costs. Fortunately, we ended this reunion with a cash reserve equal to 21.7% of costs, which will help with the economic risk factor of the next reunion.


Starting funds: $0
Ramada Sat night, meal/bar $  10,285.45  
Ramada Fri. social $   4,217.97  
Civic Center $   1,379.25  
Sat. night Band $   1,000.00  
Refunds  $      635.00  
*Perez Trophy rescue donation $      500.00  
Golf $      440.00  
Snapflash photography  $      400.00  
Floral $      326.00  
Postage/envelopes/labels $      297.59  
Reunion CD expense $      230.32  
Table runners $      113.11  
Door prices, skit material $        51.69  
Wrist bands $        47.77  
Name tags $        43.29  
CD Player $        34.51  
Checks $        31.00  
         Total Expenses: $  20,032.95  
Alumni Reunion fees/contributions  $  24,372.12
Reunion fund balance as of 12-24-10  $    4,339.17


*Perez Trophy rescue donation

When Del Rio schools were consolidated in the early 1970’s, all trophies from both schools were placed in storage, where they remained for years…until the School District tired of paying storage and sent out word that if anyone wanted them to come get them.

Refer to this article: http://delrioalumni.org/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=136&Itemid=48

Enter the Perez Family, who at their own time and expenses saved the bulk of the Wildcat trophies. Although they did not seek restitution for their expense – we felt the $500 was justified.