Wildcat Memorabilia for Purchase

For those of you who were at the recent reunion and those who were not able to be there, we are able to offer some of the most popular items (besides the visiting) from the event, namely the shadow box, the banner, and the DVD.
 Sample ImageSample Image
The shadow boxes and the banners are made from the original curtain on the stage at the old Del Rio High School.  The banner even has some of the original fringe from the curtain on it.  (See the pictures shown here)  The shadow boxes are approximately 9 1/2 in. X7 1/2 in. and are stained wood boxes while the banner is approximately 2 ft. X 3ft.They were definitely a "hot topic" of the auction, and now you can get your very own by ordering one (or more) today.  The banner is priced at $55.00 each which includes shipping.  The cost of the shadow box is $40.00 each which also includes shipping.
Please contact Glenda (Pope) Brown at [email protected] to order either of these items.
The DVD presented at the reunion includes over 400 pictures of events from Del Rio High School classes from the 1920's to the 1970's and includes an additional 400+ pictures from the 2009 All School Reunion. You can order a copy of the DVD for $15.00 each including shipping.  Please contact Robert Brockwell at [email protected] to order one (or more) of the DVD's.  We only have a limited supply of these also.
Don't miss out on these keepsakes just because you did not win the drawing or the silent auction!  After all, it looked like Mike Kyle and Don Munford were determined to win those items!  Congratulations to them and Chief Kolesar and the others who won the drawings, but now is your turn to order your very own shadow box or banner while the supply of the curtain material is still available.
Order today and secure your Del Rio High School Wildcat keepsake!
The Reunion Committee