1950’s High School Stunts

The names have been changed to protect the innocent!!!!

In light of a recent headline, and article in the Del Rio News Herald, as noted in the excerpt below – we received the below story of different times when “Boys will be Boys in the early to mid 1950’s”.

More than 85 drug cases reported at local schools

Superintendent Kelt Cooper made the first ever discipline report presentation at the San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees meeting Monday.

The report details, by school, the number of student suspensions and expulsions, as well as incidences related to drugs, gang violence and fighting during the 2010-11 school year.

At the Del Rio High School, 268 students were suspended and 21 have been expelled, according to information provided by Cooper.

Note: Reading the DRNH online is not free anymore.

Ah Christmas Holidays, a time of return for Wildcats attending college, a time to catch up on happenings in Del Rio from those still in High School and a time to learn new pranks and stunts to be applied to the unknowing of our Ole Del Rio High!

He returned from college to be greeted with open arms and one of the first things out of his mouth was “I learned a new stunt while at college that we need to pull on some High School boys while I’m in town!!”. Now who could deny such an opportunity? Not I because I was in on the prank and helped find a victim…uh and victims! I’ve often wondered how I would of reacted had it of been me!

Now boys in High School are known to have raging hormones and visions…well you get the picture….so it was easy to bait High School young men victims for this prank.

Time was spent seeking and establishing a location and Moore Park was chosen because it was closed for the winter….a perfect place!

Since the college returning Wildcat had experience in this prank, it was easy to set the stage and story line for our victims: We told them that the City of Del Rio required an onsite overseer for the winter months at Moore Park, especially at night and that a Military Policeman (MP) husband, who sometimes worked at night, was chosen, along with his wife to live on the property.

The student, uh victim, was told that the wife really-really liked a night out with High School boys. The victim(s) were cultivated and built up by our group by saying “Gosh was it great!” and various spin off’s of this….hormonal visualization playing works on young men!

Now that we had the victim pumped up we’d arrive at Moore Park in two cars…you could just feel the chemistry in the air! The first group would make sure everything was clear and that it was OK for the victim to go to the living quarters where the lady awaited.

The first group would spread out behind the living quarters and hide behind trees close to the pool armed with spot lights ah ha….and one person had a pistol (no lead in the bullets)…the prank is becoming clearer for the players, but not for the future victim!

Someone would come back and tell the victim it looks clear for him to go ahead. Yeah right you could feel and see the nervous energy!

Anticipation was driving the High School boy…he came to the door and knocked a couple of times and all of a sudden a voice started yelling “Are you the blank, blank, coming to see my wife!” Can you imagine the fear that set in?!!...but it gets more intense and worse!

Coming around the corner are two other students hollering and shining bright spotlights towards the victim…and remember the pistol….Pow!  Pow! Pow!….we doubt that High School Track Coaches could of garnered that much speed regardless of extensive training!

Here are some of the happenings with those different victims:

You should have seen the first student victim break and run down towards San Felipe Creek, where Moore Park slopes down to the creek! San Felipe Creek is always cold, be it summer or winter, but that did not phase his entry into the creek, swimming towards Memo’s!...and yes he made it all the way to Memo’s and then home….but another shocker was to hit him the next day at school! At school he was told there was an MP at school looking for him! He left school and didn’t return for the rest of the week!

The second person jumped in the dry swimming pool and tried to hide. When the spot light was put on him, all he could say was “Don’t shoot me in the head.”

Victim #3, a very large person, took off running across the miniature golf course and hit a wire fence. He kept running into it until he knocked it down and ran all the way to Hwy 90 E and found a way home.

This fourth person took off running, crossed the railroad track and got to Hwy 90E. He ran into the Palm Courts and found a room that was open. He went in and hid in the bathroom until early the next AM.

Number #5: Of all the fellows that were lured into this situation, one started running and jumped into the dry pool. When the light was shined on him, he stood up and said he was very sorry for this whole misunderstanding. This was the only person to face the music. All the others boogied away from Moore Park.

It was fun to relive these events while we were going to High School, and just as much fun to retell them today!

By the way there wasn’t anyone living at Moore Park either!

Robert Brockwell, Class of 1954