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Roger Ridley Silver Beaver Award

Many Wildcats are dedicated volunteers that do not seek recognition, nor very seldom are recognized for their service, but rather volunteer for the self satisfaction of helping others. Roger Ridley, Class of 1963 is the type of volunteer who never sought recognition; he is just not that type of person!
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Wildcat Granite art

Wildcat alumni are a creative bunch, with book writers, singers, poets and of all things making art out of LARGE granite blocks. To say that Candyce {Jones} Garrett, Class of 1965 is a visionary in working with multi ton pieces of granite is a severe understatement!
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Jay Kerr's New Book

    We Wildcat’s are fortunate to have creative writers within our Alumni, as evidenced on this site with the likes of T. J. Jarrett, John Keyes Finagan, Linda Rios Bromley, Walter Block and Winifred Thompson. {If I missed an alumni writer please let me know Brad}
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Trees at Old Del Rio High

Our old Del Rio High, home of the Wildcats is in the process of being remodeled for the purpose of administrative offices.
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Ross Foster (Class of 1938) Obituary

Ross Foster, 93, passed away August 5, 2014 in Del Rio, Texas. He was born October 27, 1920 in Del Rio, Texas.
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1952 Christmas

 Stewart “Luke” Billingsley, Class of 1965 sent in an interesting photo of a Christmas he enjoyed with family and friends.Male alumni will certainly remember the name of the male seated who is Mr. Philpot who owned a Barber Shop down on Main Street eons ago.
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