Another Book by Charlene Manning . . . Mesquite Creek Ranch Pt 2

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In Mesquite Creek Ranch Part One, the story opened with Wes and his parents, Duke and Betty Redmond, arriving at the ranch. His Daddy had accepted a job as a top hand--over the phone. It's a family adventure!  

Wes meets two best friends right away. He starts school at midterm in 3rd grade. The Redmond family is quickly integrated into the ranch community. He and his friends enjoy the great freedom of kids growing up in the country. His parents become very active in community life.

There are births, deaths, adoptions, and many good times as these children grow up with Bible values setting the tone for ranch life. The child characters learn life lessons, become problem solvers in their own circle, and form a bond with each other that will last a lifetime. The grown ups also work out their problems as they mature into strong, honorable, hard working adults. 

If you have not read Book One, I urge you to do so. It lays the foundation for the rest of the story and will make the reading of Book Two more enjoyable. 

Book Two begins with the first day of 8th grade.  Wes Redmond and his friends are officially full-fledged teenagers and lovin’ it even with the teen angst that goes with these years. They tackle the various problems that most American teenagers run into. In a rural setting, the pace is just slower. It is small town life at its best there at the ranch. But the times are changing and life is becoming more complex as our heroes mature. Young love happens. And good friends support one another in every crisis. There are trials, trouble and temptations that must be dealt with. The "kids" are growing up. 


If you are blessed by this two part novel, please tell others. Put it on Facebook. Leave a review on the Amazon page. I cannot promote these books because of my situation at this time. I'm counting on your help! ~charlie