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I attended school in Del Rio, Texas from the 1st grade until right after my Freshman year. My graduating class would have been in 1959. 

We had a cow and churned our own butter with a Daisy Churn. I always volunteered to churn so that I could churn and read. I enjoyed my years in school although I attended four different High Schools. The next school was in Sanderson, then Ft. Stockton, and I graduated from Carrizo Springs High School. I have had girlfriends who had a friend through school. I always thought that it would be wonderful to have such a close friend. Then I realized I have friends from all the schools that I attended.

I raised my two sons as a single Mom for many years.  I did not have the opportunity to go to college until they were grown. I received an Associates Degree in Management through my employer.

The great joys of my life are my grandchildren and now my great-grandchildren. I am a member of the Daughter of the Republic of Texas. Since becoming a member I have gained more knowledge and understanding of Texas history. I have done a lot of research on a lot of subjects and hope to learn more to include in my historical fiction books.

The short years; from 2010 to 2014 with my late husband, Edwin James, brought a new aspect to my life. He was a man of profound integrity. He showed me respect, honor, compassion and lasting love. He was the one who encouraged me to write my first book, "Someday Soon" which was published in 2012. The book is fiction but is based on the story of my great-great-grandfather coming to Texas in 1871. I am now working on other historical fiction and plan to do many more.

My books can be found on Amazon. : Gerry Lea James


They are listed as written by Gerry Lea James. The titles on line at this time are: "Someday Soon", "New Town", "Road to Billings" and "Burro Serenade".

Gerry Lea (Brown) James