Central Texas Alumni Gathering

All old Maroon and Gold Wildcats:
Submitted by: John Nyfeler

A Central Texas gathering of alumni will take place on July 14, 2010, Wednesday at the Gruene Door restaurant in Gruene, Texas (sub-urban New Braunfels at 11:30 AM.  It's a dutch treat lunch event promoted by several Austin, San Antonio and Central Texas grads including Yvonne Reppetto Ratliff (512.926.1301), Dixie Harrison Wallace, Carolyn Wease Brown, Cora Jane Jarrett Farmer and others.  John Nyfeler joined the group for lunch on June 23. ...all mostly 1950's vintage folks.

All are welcome.

This is a mostly monthly event and each time proves that the older we get the better we used to be. 

Yvonne is the designated coordinator, so please feel free to contact her if you wish to attend some ‘old time fun’!