Charlene Reams Manning New Book


In the early 1900s, the McDonald family was established in the Texas ranching community. Their ancestors had fought Indians and outlaws to tame the frontier. The family was admired by their neighbors. They were involved in building their little town of Rocky Hill. They were known for generosity, helping with city development, and individual families coming West. They prospered with raising beef cattle and finding oil wells.

Patriarch Burke McDonald was a fine man. Whether doing business or in daily living, he went by "The Good Book." It was common for Texas women to stand side by side with the men. Alva McDonald, was no exception. There were five children, but the second-born, Katy Rose, was exceptional. She had a flair for fashion, a witty personality, and a mind for business. But will Katy be able to manage the older and too cool fellow about town, David Edward Karlson, aka Deek? And how will the folks of Rocky Hill prepare for a free-thinking young woman wearing red pants, riding around in a fancy Touring Car, and building her own empire via real estate in the 1920s?

As a child Charlene Reams Manning loved the stories her Chickasaw Granddaddy told about growing up in Oklahoma when it was still 'Indian Territory.' Various situations and history itself provided the backdrop in this novel for the characters who live life in the joys and hardships of the American West.


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