Jay Kerr's New Book



We Wildcat’s are fortunate to have creative writers within our Alumni, as evidenced on this site with the likes of T. J. Jarrett, John Keyes Finagan, Linda Rios Bromley, Walter Block and Winifred Thompson. {If I missed an alumni writer please let me know Brad}

Jay Kerr Class of 1966 has just published a book titled “Find Fred” which may be purchased on Amazon or direct from Jay.
Jay’s book is loaded with humor – it’s hilarious - it’s gritty! It’s the story of a Texas cowboy named Hadley McFadden as he tries to “Find Fred” a world away from home in Australia! He must take on gangsters, dodge police and risk it all in this wild adventure. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. For the record Fred is a female. Although the book is fiction one could perceive there is some resemblance to real life people.
The below link is a article we ran a few years ago related to Jay:


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I moved to Del Rio around 1964 and knew your sister from Sacred Heart Academy.  I met you in High School "on the scene", Taco House, Mexico....I always wondered if you continued to pursue your acting career and it's wonderful to know you have. I also met George Paul, and he has always been one of my favorite western legion, "the guy I knew who was a world champion bull rider". I look forward to reading your book.  Congratulations!