Memories of My Earth Home

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By: Charlene Reams Manning, Class of 1962

We Wildcat’s are fortunate that we have so many Alumni who have written books i.e. John K. Finnegan’s “A Texas Ranching Family” and “But Granny; T. J. Jarrett’s “Kin, Cowboys, Outlaws and Friends” and Winifred Thompson’s “Doors to Destiny”.

There are other Alumni who have also written books that we expect to hear from soon. Most of these books will be available at the October 9th and 10th, 2009 Reunion. Have you registered?

Reading these books has been fun and rewarding. Charlene’s book is one that grabs you from the start – once you pick it up you can’t put it down. This book contains thought provoking words of wisdom, while being sprinkled with life in Del Rio.

Charlene’s favorite subject in High School was English and she loved to write essays and themes. Charlene: “I won second place in a regional essay contest in high school, and later, with encouragement from Ima Jo Fleetwood, I wrote a piece for the Del Rio News-Herald when I worked there in the advertising department.”

In Charlene’s words:

“My friends began to tell me "you're a writer" and ask me when was I going to write a book.  I wanted to, but I didn't know where or how to begin.  A friend of mine wrote a little book of her Christian testimony and got it published.”

“Then, somebody said, write about what you know.  So, I began with, I know about Del Rio, about Texas, about plants and animals, about family, and about myself.  How could this be a book?  Then, the idea came for a book of various chapters about the things that I know.  It would be a memoir and a tribute to my home state, in a kind of devotional format.  So, MEMORIES OF MY EARTH HOME:  40 Meditations on our Natural World was born.” 

“Biographical facts, historical highlights, Scripture quotes, poems and words to hymns were blended together into a colorful and interesting book of stories of the flora and fauna and personal discoveries from the Mexican Border to my life in the Big City of San Antonio.  Each chapter stands alone and it makes for an easy read that the avid reader and non-reader alike can enjoy.”

“My greatest joy was that my teacher Thelma Adams got to read it before she passed away.  She wrote me a glowing report of her enjoyment and pride in what I had done.   The second great joy was that my schoolmates from Del Rio High School were my biggest fans and supporters.  I love you guys, and always wanted to "fit in." Now I feel like I do.  To all of you, thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

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