Wildcat Trophies’ – continued.

Back on October 5, 2009 we posted this article http://delrioalumni.org/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=136&Itemid=48

At this time we would like to thank Carolyn Nell (Foster) Wardle ’56, Kay (Mills) Cauthorn ’56, Jonella (Robertson) Pride ’55, Phyllis (Foster) Taylor ’57, Diane (Lightizer) Luce ’56 and Jimmy Sanders ’50 and his wife Better, owners of the Emporium, who so graciously provided the use of their business to store Wildcat trophies until an inventory could be completed.

It is the intent to have a silent auction for any of the below listed Wildcat trophies, which will be at the April 21st Wildcat Reunion.  Prior to the reunion if you see a trophy you are interested in please make us aware by using the ‘Website Contact’ button at the top of the page. Please include your name and class year.

1938    Champions, Del Rio Aggies Men’s Basketball
????    CSHS Tournament, First, Men’s Basketball
1940    Eagle Pass Tournament, Consolation, Men’s Basketball
1941     RHS Tournament, First Place, Men’s Basketball
1944     San Angelo Inv. Meet, 3rd place, Men’s Track
1945     Edison Meet, 880 Yard Relay, Men’s Track
1945    Uvalde Invitation Meet, 2nd Place, Men’s Track
1946    ????, 440 Relay, First, Men’s Track
1947    Uvalde District Senior Track 2nd place
1947    Uvalde District, 440 Relay, 1st Place
1947    Uvalde District, Junior 440 Relay, 1st Place
1947    Eldorado, Consolation, Men’s Basketball
1947    J. Popham, DRHS, Men’s Basketball
1948    Uvalde District, 30A, Mile Relay, Men’s Track
1948    Uvalde Tournament, Champions, 13 yr Junior Boys
1948    Uvalde Tournament, Champions, Junior Boys
1948    Pearsall Relays, Champions, Men’s Track
1948    Eagle Pass, February 21st, Marching Band Award
1949    ????, Softball Champs, Juniors
1949    Eagle Pass Tournament, 2nd, Men’s Basketball
1949    ????, Softball Champions, Freshman Girls

1950    South Texas Junior Consolation, Men’s Basketball
1950    Uvalde, Runner up, Men’s Basketball
1951    Uvalde Tournament, Champions, Men’s Basketball
1951    Sonora Invitational Basketball Tournament, Consolation, Ladies Basketball
1951     Eldorado, Consolation, Men’s Basketball
1951    ????, Winner, One-Act Play
1951    Del Rio, Runner-Up, Men’s Basketball
1952    ????, District Champs, Track
1952    S. A. Tournament Winner, Men’s Basketball
1952-53  Pearsall Relays, 440 Relay, 1st Place
1952-53  Pearsall Relays, Runner-Up, Men’s Track
1953    District 29AA, Champions, Men’s Basketball
1955    District 76B Champs, Girls’ Softball
1956    Ozona Tournament, Men’s Basketball Champions
1957    Gobbler Relays, 2nd, Men’s Track
1957    Uvalde Tourney, Consolation, Men’s Basketball
1957    ???? Champs, Golf
1957    Uvalde Tourney, Runner-Up, Men’s Basketball
1957    Reagan County 26th Annual Tournament, 4th Place, Men’s Basketball
1958    Eagle Pass J. C. Relays, 1st Place Track
1958    Carrizo Springs Tourney, 2nd Place Ladies’ Basketball
1959    Uvalde Tourney, Consolation, Men’s Basketball

’60    1st District 14AAA, Men’s Track
’63    1st Spring Relay 15AAA Men’s Relay
’69    3rd Uvalde Tournament Men’s relay
’66    Runner-Up, Uvalde Invitational Track
’68    2nd Popeye Tournament Baseball
’66    3rd Lakeview Basketball
’65    Falfurrias High S. Div.1 – Silver Basketball
’64    Del Rio Tournament- Silver Basketball
’68    Uvalde Tournament Basketball
’61    3rd San Angelo Division 1 Track
’69    Runner-Up 15AAA Track
’63    Runner-Up Uvalde Invitational Track
’63    Runner-Up Del Rio Track
’63    3rd Brackettville Basketball
’61    McAllen – Gold 880 Relay
’60    1st District 14AAA 440 Relay
’61    Hub City Relay – Gold – Sprint Relay
’66    All Tournament, Del Rio Basketball
’66    Brackettville – Silver Basketball
’61    San Angelo Relay Division 1 440 Relay
’61    Hub City Relay – Gold Mile Relay
’60    Eagle Pass – Gold Sprint Relay
’61    San Angelo Relay Division 1 Mile Relay
’60    San Angelo Relay 880 Yard Relay
’64    2rd Basketball
’69    Showmanship ???
’64    Seguin Meet Winner 440 Relay
’64     SWTJC – High School Invitational Basketball
’67    2nd 15AAA Golf
’64    1st R. B. Hawk 440 Relay
’66    Runner-Up, Del Rio Tournament Basketball
’66    Cotulla, Consolation Basketball
’61    McAllen Class AA Division 440 Relay
’66    Del Rio All Tournament Basketball
’66    Del Rio All Tournament Basketball
’60    2nd District 14AAA Golf
’61    Blue Bonnet Relays – 440 Relay
’67    1st Team – Del Rio Tournament Baseball
’66    Champions Del Rio Tournament Basketball
’67    Runner-Up, District 15AAA Track
’63    1st District 15AAA Track
’65    L. I. Christen Tournament Consolation Track
’65    1st Team Uvalde Tournament 9th Grade Basketball
’60    3rd Del Rio Basketball
’69    Runner-Up San Felipe Invitational Baseball
’63    1st Sanderson Basketball
’69    1st Queen City Division 1 440 Relay
’65    Eagle Pass Tournament Consolation Basketball
’66    Uvalde Tournament Champions Basketball
’64    1st District 15AAA Mile Relay
‘68/’69  Kerrville Consolation Basketball
’65    Runner-Up Ft. Stockton Basketball
’66    1st Weslaco Tournament (Large trophy) Basketball

’70    Eagle Pass Tournament Champions Men’s Basketball
’70    Rocksprings Invitational Tourney 1st Place Men’s Basketball
’70    Uvalde Tourney Runner-Up Men’s Basketball
’70    S. F. Tourney 2nd Men’s Basketball
’70    Uvalde Inv. Runner-Up AAA Men’s Track
’70    15AAA Jr. Varsity Runner-Up Men’s Track
’70    DRHS Spring Carnival Most Creative
’71    S.A. Inv., 440 Relay Champs
’71    Dist 14AAA Runner-Up, Jr. Varsity
’71    Rocksprings Inv. 3rd Ladies Basketball
’71     Queen City Relays Runner-Up Div III Men’s Track
’71    Tivy Int’l Golf Tournament 2nd Place
’71    Crystal City 1st Inv. Tourney, 2nd Place Men’s Basketball (Large trophy)
’71    Uvalde Inv. Champions Men’s Basketball (Large trophy)
’72    Dist 32AAAA Runner-UP Ladies Basketball
’72     Brackettville Inv Runner-Up Ladies Basketball
’72    Brackettville Inv. Consolation Men’s Basketball
’72    Ozona Inv. Tournament 3rd Place Men’s Basketball
’72    Pearsall Basketball Tournament 3rd Place Men’s Basketball