1957 1st Grade Picture from North Heights

Need help in creating a legend for this picture....Any help appreciated.....

I've been corrected and this is actually at Central Elementary.....

Top Row: ___________, Jimmy Taylor, Tommy Mayfield, Robert Williams, _______________, Teacher ________________

2nd Row: ___________, __________, Gordon McGonagill, James Connolly, Ted Luce

3rd Row: ___________, Jeanne Tabor,Billie Pearson,____________, ___________, ____________.



Submitted by Pat may on

This picture was taken in front of Central Elementry School Jeanne Tabor is on the front row second child on left.

Submitted by dorblaw on

I can't help you out with names, but I don't think that is North Heights.....there are not enough entry steps & I don't remember any columns like those in the picture.    Maybe it is Garfield Elem.?


Submitted by TLUCE on

I believe Top row, 1st picture is Robert Wilkerson and teacher was Ms Wilsion. 2nd row 1st person Albert Scott, then James Kirkendahl., Third row 1st person Mary Lou Patterson, 4th person Peggy Zuhlke, 5th person Vicki Ridley and don't know the last person.  Spelling of names may not be accurate.