1961 Sketch of a Teacher

The below sketch was done by Robin Clark, Class of 1962 over 51 short years ago of a Del Rio High Teacher. 

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Sample Image
Ed Hance, Class of 1968
That is a very good sketch of Mr. Davis (Physics teacher). Mr. Davis introduced us the Vann-der-graph generator in the Physics lab.

He also coordinated the photography lab for the pictures for the Branding Iron.

Carolyn White Lux, Class of 1963

I believe this is Mr. Burditt, who taught DE

Dr. John B. Ross, Class of 1963

That looks amazingly like Robert Davis. He was a Physics teacher and
very influential to many of us to pursue careers in the sciences.

Lee Weathersbee, Class of 1961

The teacher is Bob Davis. I had a couple of science classes under him and he really cared about his students. He was a gentle giant as he was a big man. His classes were fun to take.  Great drawing and looks just like him !!

Charlene Reams Manning, Class of 1962
I think he might be Mr. Blair.  Or, Mr. Davis.  

Annette Lindsey Flanegin, Class of '61

I think the sketch made of the DRHS school teacher was Mr. Davis and I believe he taught math of some sort.

Bruce King, Class of 1965

Bob Davis, Physics teacher