1961 Spanish Class trip

Jerry Shidal, Class of 1961 sent us this photo and the below comments
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 At the end of each year. Mr. Cerda, our Spanish teacher, would take the seniors in his Spanish class to Mexico for a trip.    Notice how nicely everyone in the class was dressed for the photo - taken on the stairs of our very nice hotel in Monterrey.  (Look at that bow-tie worn my Michael Roundtree.)  This trip was a fun-filled and unique experience.  We got to shop in the old-town marketplace where I bought a ring (that turned green within a month).  We went to a bull fight.  We also took a trip to visit the beautiful horse tail waterfalls, where we rode donkeys up to the falls.  One night, we got to walk the huge downtown square to the music of Mexico ringing loud and clear - with the boys walking one way and the girls the other.  Romance was in the air.  Thank you, Mr. Cerda, for making this trip an experience that is still remembered.

No names were included, so if you are in the photo let us know, plus tell us what you remember about the trip. Please use the "Website contact" button at the top of the page to comment.
Here's another spin on the  titled "The 8 Dumb Asses" on their ride up to the falls.
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L-R: Kay (Harlow) Ochoa on Napoleon Cindy (Moon) Joyce on Speedy Gonzalez, Bobbie (Hill) Huffman on Superman and Mary Alice (Foster) Dieke on Davy Crockett