Question from Don Kolesar Jr Class of 1970


Question from Don Kolesar,Jr Class of 1970:

We're trying to gauge the interest of folks of the Class of 1970 who might want to have a 45th Reunion for their class this year! This is being sent to all, in case there are interested parties.

Please respond at the website if you're interested.....If you cannot get on, set up a new account, please.



Submitted by judybruce on

You might get more participation if you'd include a few classes in the reunion. Judy (Bruce) & Walter Fisher, DRHS class of 1972

Submitted by Mary-Beth Honey... on

I would be interested as long as it's located actually in Del Rio - rather than Austin or Brackettville. Good idea!

Submitted by greekguppie on

I would love to go to a 45'th reunion. Unfortunately I did not know of the past ones and missed them. I would like to reconnect.

Submitted by greekguppie on

I agree that including several classes would make sense. Although difference in age was a big deal in high school, at this stage it's insignificant and I knew students of all ages. I would love to see whoever could come.